Custom Wall Graphics

Anyone can get a graphic of a famous person on their wall. Be different and get a graphic of your own son or daughter in action on yours!

At Interstate Image we will take your personal photo (see requirements below) and print a low-tac 4' X 4' wall graphic, that you can install yourself, anywhere in your home. Don't like where you put it? They easily remove and re-install in a new spot! Sports, dance recitals, wedding photos, school plays, vacation photos.

The sky is the limit at Interstate Image!

Peel and Stick

Step 1
Simply peel the backing partially off your graphic and position it where you want on your wall.


Step 2
Smooth your print out by hand (no need for glue or tools), removing any bubbles that have occurred. Then remove the protective backing entirely.


Step 3
Enjoy your graphic and tell your friends! And don’t worry - it’s easy to remove and doesn’t damage your wall. Re-apply somewhere else if you’d like to.


Artwork without proper permissions will not be used.

The preferred file format for a Custom Wall Graphic is .TIFF, .PNG, or .JPEG. File size must be no smaller than 2 Mb, and must have a resolution of 72 PPI (DPI) or higher. It is important that the original image is provided. It must not be edited with any photo editing applications or software.

For best results, please ensure you are using a clear image taken with good lighting.

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Installation Specialists

Interstate Image is always looking for experienced graphic and wrap installers. We prefer 1+ years proven experience, and will have a working paid interview before hire.

We offer competitive pay, medical, dental and vacation packages. Some weekend work is required and must be able to pass drug tests.

If you feel your expertise fits our requirements, please send your resume to:

We continually post on Facebook if we are in need of office support or other positions.

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