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What is a Wrap - Interstate Image

What is a Wrap

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Full wraps offer better
exposure for advertising.
A full wrap also offers you
more in terms of design
options. This wrap
coverage eliminates the
problem of decal "ghosting".

Half wraps are beneficial
if you are on a budget,
While your options are
limited for design, the
color of your vehicle can
play into the final look of
the wrap. “Ghosting”
may occur over time.

If a wrap is not what
you're after, spot
graphics allow you to
use advertising elements
strategically placed for
maximum impact.
"Ghosting” may occur
over time.

Our experienced installers allow Interstate Image to guarantee our work for up to six years.

A Fresh New Look

Besides advertising, wraps give your vehicle a whole new look. Many people choose to wrap their vehicles instead of painting them since a vehicle wrap can be more versatile, and may cost less than painting.

A vehicle wrap can last from 3-7 years if cared for properly, and any portion of the wrap can be replaced at any time. If you already have a new paint job, a vehicle wrap can be a good way to protect it from the UV rays of the sun extending the life of the clear coat.
Interstate Image offers the service of Installation only. That means even if we don't print or create the graphics we can do your installation. We do installs in-house or we can come to you to do an off-site install.

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